Save water, improve yield

H2Flo is a blend of surfactants that reduce the surface tension of irrigation water, so water can penetrate the soil by spreading across the soil particles. Mixing H2Flo with your irrigation water allows you to reduce irrigation by up to 25%! This results in savings on your irrigation costs in terms of both water usage and pumping, without reduction in yield. Saving water also has a huge environmental benefit and contributes to more sustainable growing practices.
In areas where water use is not a limiting factor, H2Flo has even shown significant yield increases when applied as part of the standard watering regime. 
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Mr. Tom Wood

“H2Flo worked well on both soil types taking the moisture right out to the edge of the beds”, says Tom. “Optimising water and nutrient supply to the roots means the plant is able to work efficiently – this of course translates into improvements in quality and yield.”

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Mr. Tim Papworth

East Anglia generally sees less rainfall than other areas of the UK, with many areas of well drained sandy soil. “I’m continually looking to improve potato yield using less water, so I hosted a field-scale trial of ICL’s wetting agent, H2Flo, as it appealed as another water-saving opportunity.”

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H2Flo Demo